Summer & Camping

Today it’s all about camping in midsummer, tips against the heat in the motorhome and good camping nights at over 30 degrees.

SUMMER… haaach, currently it’s hot too, how wonderful! Especially when you can spend the whole day relaxing in the shade and the only question is, am I lying on my stomach or back? 🙂

This heat only becomes unpleasant when the rooms heat up a lot (I used to have my children’s room in the attic, with lots of great big roof windows, unbelievably how hot it got sometimes) and you can’t sleep at night because of the heat.

In a camper or caravan the whole thing often looks a bit more extreme. On the one hand many of you travel to southern regions in which it is very, very warm anyway and such a Wowo can heat up naturally also again much faster and more strongly than a “normal” flat.

It’s nice if you have an air conditioner on the Womo/Wowa roof, only stupid if the climate is so loud that you spoil it directly with the campsite neighbours.

But what can one do apart from air conditioning, fan and shade, so that the camping days and nights remain relaxed at almost 40 degrees?

Here come cool tips against the heat in campers, caravans and camping holidays.

The simplest… shadow

Ventilate as early as possible and then close ALL WINDOWS! Also think about possible alcove and roof windows and if you don’t have an “all-round privacy screen” for the driver’s compartment, towels in front of the side windows (even better are these thermo mats) will help to SHADOW THE MAIN SAGUE!

Awning out!

If it is a clear day all around, no wind and no cloud in the sky, leave in any case the awning out and put it as diagonally as possible. So at least one side of the Womos always lies in the shade, that helps.


Many simple/older refrigerators have difficulties to cool down properly at very high temperatures. If this is the case, remove the air grilles in any case, this can help a bit. Otherwise, you can probably add a small fan, but that’s too far into the technical area for me again.

Especially for shorter tours cool batteries or gel cushions are great. If you freeze them at home and then put them in the fridge before leaving, the temperature drops automatically. Frozen juice Tetra Packs are also practical. Cooling down the refrigerator and you also have a nice cool juice spritzer for a long time.

Rescue blanket for the roof windows….

If the sun really bangs on your Womo, a lot of heat gets in through the roof windows. Even if you pull the aluminum Jalousinen too, still much warmth gets into the Womo. Touch such a window, on which the sun popped the whole day, that is almost burning hot. Sounds like handicrafts, but brings a lot and nobody sees! Cut out suitable pieces from these gold/ silver rescue blankets and simply place them with the silver side outwards, outside over the roof hatches. With a little practice this will also work well from the inside. The sun reflects and the warmth doesn’t get into your Womos/ Wowas so strongly anymore.

Do you use a fan?

Then a damp cloth hangs with some distance in front of the fan (e.g. clamp into a cabinet door). So you have almost a kind of air conditioning and not only “wind” 🙂 !

Tips against the heat in the motorhome are good and nice, but with over 30 degrees the days must be digested also well. Here are some tips to stay cool on hot days.

Stay cool thanks to mint oil…

A really great tip (works great, I’ve been testing for days) is some “mint oil” in the shampoo. You know these eucalyptus / China oils, which you should also smear on your forehead if you have a headache (by the way, that never worked for me!). But… if you drip about 10 drops of the oil into your normal shampoo, you will keep a cool head all day long. And with the slightest breeze you have the feeling that you are cooling down really well.

Brrrrrrrrrrrr… really great!

You can probably also use tea tree oil, I haven’t tested that yet.
Just don’t drip the oil into your shower gel… that can lead to “irritations” at certain places.

Cool soles on hot days

Do you also use these simple summer insoles for your shoes/sneakers? I mean these very thin “fresh soles” against cheese walling in packs of 10, which you change every few days. Put the whole pack in the fridge or in the freezer so that you have cool feet for at least 1 hour.

Lubricate cool

It is practical to store the sun cream in the refrigerator. It’s clear when the sun stings, creams, creams, creams! Store the sun cream and also the After Sun Lotion in the refrigerator. Then the cream becomes immediately refreshing.


Then it’s absolutely time for a footbath! Honestly, so “old” this tip already is… but it does soooooo good!

Black tea…

If you cook black tea the day before, let it cool down, fill it up with water 50/50 and depending on the amount (approx. 250ml 4-5 drops) add mint oil, you have a wonderful body tonic! The caffeine in the tea makes the skin firmer and the mint oil fresher. You’ll have a great refreshment for your skin the next time you visit the market, for example, with a small spray bottle. By the way, it is also super, super, suuuuper good for the feet. If the feet are burning and swelling during a city visit, just apply 2-3 sprays on it and it can go on fresh. CAUTION… do not spray on light-coloured clothing, it can leave stupid stains.

Thermo bags….

I bought by chance such a bag at the beginning of my Womo time at Obelink for small money and use it now in summer sooooo gladly. I never would have thought, how much such a bag brings. Before chilled drinks remain cold even on the beach for hours and I find by the fashionable design, one can use this bag also quite as a normal handbag or beach bag. It’s really great!

Large, loose shirts

Even if it may not be super erotic, but does not sleep naked, or in satin underwear. Light, thin cotton shirts are best for warm summer nights. So, grab a white, big shirt from your sweetheart (and if he’s not there, buy 2 simple T-shirts that are way too big, very important, best to put them in the washing machine 2-3 times before) and wear them at night. Cotton cools and the sweat goes into the shirt and doesn’t stick to the skin. ….

But you may take off your socks 🙂

Do you have any room in the fridge?

Then put the sleeping shirts in the fridge. So they are pleasantly cool for the night.

Dry cloths from the closet!

As soon as you can open the windows of the Womos/Wowas in the evening, prepare some towels or even better, dry cloths. Just let a lot of cold water run over the towels, wring them out and hang them in front of the open windows. On the one hand, the air cools down considerably through the cloths and on the other hand, evaporative cooling occurs. If you open all possible windows (also at the front of the cab) and the cloths are hanging in front of you everywhere…. you will be amazed how much this will bring!

Gel Pads

Surely you know all these gel pads / gel compresses to cool injuries. You should always have such a gel compress in your fridge anyway. Take this compress and put it under the pillowcase of your pillow. Especially pleasant to fall asleep. If your pillowcase is very thin, you might have to wrap the gel compress again in a dry cloth. You should only be cooled, not frozen.

Convert a hot-water bottle…

This tip goes in the same direction as point 4. Do you still have a normal hot-water bottle? Then fill it with ice-cold (or cold) water. A super pleasant feeling with hot and swollen calves and feet.

Today the kitchen stays cold…

As stupid as this tip sounds, leave the stove out. Normally I am absolutely in favour of cooking in the Womo, but not on such hot days. Especially in the evening, when the Womo should cool down slowly, the cooking in the Womo generates soooooo much heat, which you hardly get out again. Grill, eat salads and chairs, or get such a small 2 plate stove for outside.

Take a warm shower before sleeping…

Doesn’t sound very refreshing, but it is. Before you go to bed, take a warm shower for another 2 minutes… you’ll see, it helps!