Become A Better Home Teacher

Through preparation and love, each boy is a blessing to the families whose home teacher he is.

To prepare

One, you need it:

a) for each boy the holy scriptures
b) crayons to mark the holy scriptures

Copy the Ten Commandments for the Home Teacher flyer for each boy and for the senior home teaching partners attending the priesthood assembly.

Copy the Four Families flyer for each boy.

Instructions for the Teacher

We often impress our young people by giving them a vocation with great responsibility, but then we hardly help them to fulfil that vocation and make them great. This lesson will help you help the boys to make their vocation as home teachers great, not just now, but for the rest of their lives.

The lesson will be much more effective and will have a more lasting impact on the boys if their senior home teaching partners also participate in this special priesthood assembly. If your bishop agrees, make the necessary arrangements.

A good home teacher cares about his families, and he serves them.

First flyer/review

Give the flyer “Ten Commandments for the Home Teacher” to each boy and also to the adults taking part in the lessons. Briefly respond to each individual “commandment” so that the boys understand why it is important. Emphasize the extent to which by following these “commandments” they can demonstrate that they really care about each member of the families of which they are home teachers. For example:

Home teacher handouts

To what extent do you show the family that they are really important to you by making an appointment? (You respect their privacy and other obligations.)

Continue with the second commandment, etc., until you have briefly dealt with all ten.

Second handout / discussion

Give each boy the Four Families flyer.

Four families handout

Read each plot together. You will not have enough time to relate the “Ten Commandments for the Home Teacher” to each of these examples, so we recommend that you take three, four of the commandments as an example of what a good home teacher would do. For example, you could take Nos. 2, 3, 8, and 9.

Ask questions like the following:

As home teachers, how can you pray meaningfully for your visits to the Schmidt family, the Benner family, the Hansen family and Sister Krüger?
Continue asking such questions until you have discussed three or four of the “Ten Commandments” and related them to all four examples. Always keep the goal in mind: loving interest in the family and in each family member.

How do I become a better home teacher?


Announce the following story. It’s about a boy like the one in your class who was a good home teacher. The boys should pay attention to which of the commandments for the home teacher he has observed.

“Recently … a man and his fourteen-year-old son were appointed as home teachers for our family. We knew how faithful the Father was to the Gospel, but we did not know what to expect from his son, even though his appearance and behavior suggested the same faithfulness. During my first visit I kept an eye on the boy. He was rather quiet, but everything he did and said did honor to the priesthood. They soon learned that our little son had died a year ago and that we were expecting another child. From then on they belonged to us – they prayed for us and encouraged us. At the end of the first visit I asked the boy to say the prayer. He asked the Lord to make it easier for us to endure the loss of our son and to bless the child who was about to be born. He expressly asked that my wife have no difficulties in giving birth. My wife and I were very moved by the seriousness and empathy of this young teacher. In the days and weeks that followed, they regularly (more than once a month) inquired about us. After the birth of the child, the boy and his father brought us a gift. As we were all kneeling together to pray, he expressed his gratitude to the Lord for the problem-free birth of the child. (Told by H. Burke Peterson, in “The Role of the Teacher”, New Era, May 1974, page 10 f.)

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